🚨 Fashion post alert! 🚨 I recently fell in love with this look I was sent from the new DKNY Sport collection. I was en route to an event at the Edition Hotel – a “sacred cacao ceremony” with meditative gong vibrations (more on vibrations and sound baths HERE) with some utterly glorious, crisp January London weather. My photographer and I managed to snap some impromptu pics in Fitzrovia. The oversized jacket is rendered in the most gorgeous inky velvet material which catches and plays with the light in a wonderfully intriguing way. Paired with subtly matching velvet leggings and my Adidas Superstars it’s the sort of sporty look I’d happily wear in or outside of the gym. Due to the oversized nature of the proportions, it’s also super comfy and all-enveloping, but the pluming nature adds more of a relaxed-yet-luxe sporty aesthetic. Whilst it was sunny it was uber cold, so I layered up, wearing a DKNY hoodie and the perfect polo underneath to keep my neck warm! I love an oversized jacket and this one I think is a classic – I’ll have it for years – paired with a pair of jeans, tight leather pants with sneakers, heels or boots. I’m trying to say that its versatile. I also love playing with proportions; wearing something super duper oversized on top always makes the legs look proportionately smaller which I love as a silhouette. Click MORE to see the rest of our shots and some shots from the choco-meditation ceremony!

Discreet fitness lux – it’s all in the details!
Whilst fitness trends have been pretty ‘out there’ and guerrish for the last few year – think bold patterns and wild colours – the wind is turning and it’s becoming more subtly utilitarian, and elegantly functional. We’re seeing more discreet ‘fitness luxe’ with a focus on the refined detailing – more emphasis on fit, materials and finishing touches. Pair a crisp oversized T-shirt with beautifully fitted black leggings featuring understated-chic flourishes – like an ankle zip or a velvet seam running down the outside of the leg – with a pair of bright statement trainers. The shouty pieces are still there but are less overpowering and less dominant in any one outfit.

50 shades of….your favourite hue!
If you’re thinking that sounds too boring, why not try subtle colour combinations. Hues of purples in one outfit or hues of blues or army greens. Pick your fave colour and go with it!

Alternatively, go nude!
Yes, nude and neutrals are is still very much a trend even for fitness. Try Stella McCartney’s signature nude tones for Adidas, just insure whatever you go for it’s not see-through, unless of course that’s your thing!

Getting in shape can change your life.

Regular exercise is the closest thing to a miracle drug that we have. It can improve your physical health, fight disease, extend your life, boost your mood and memory, combat anxiety and depression, and more.
And it just feels good to be fit.
If you don't already have an established exercise routine, it's hard to go from intending to work out to actually getting it done. That could be one reason why more than 75% of Americans don't get enough exercise.
If you're trying to figure out how to start a fitness routine or looking to track your fitness journey, apps can help.
No single app is perfect, but, depending on your goals, free fitness apps can help you build strength, get better at running, and improve your stretching or recovery.
For a study published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research in 2017, a team of researchers analyzed how well 28 different fitness apps matched the exercise guidelines of the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). The 28 apps were chosen because they'd been reviewed in a previous study on fitness apps, and were selected from the more than 100,000 health and fitness apps available.
In general, the government's recommended physical activity guidelinescall for healthy adults to do at least two and a half hours of moderate-intensity activity — or 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity activity — weekly, along with muscle-strengthening exercises at least twice a week.
The ACSM takes guidelines for exercise programs a few steps further, saying that all workout programs should include safety precautions, warm-up, conditioning that includes strengthening, and cool-down. Plus, they say programs should progress at a safe rate for each person, and that workout programs should include components of aerobic fitness, strength and resistance exercise, and flexibility.
A comprehensive program that does all that is a lot for any app — many apps don't include full safety precautions, warm-ups and cool-downs, or all the details that a novice might want to know. Most apps focus on one aspect of fitness, like getting stronger or building running endurance.
That's why no app in the study scored more than 35 points out of 70 in the evaluation scale that the researchers devised. (Apps could receive 30 points for aerobic-fitness guidelines, 30 points for strength and conditioning guidelines, and 10 points for flexibility guidelines.)
But a few of the top-scoring apps can serve as a good guide to overall workouts or for more targeted goals like building aerobic endurance, strength, or flexibility. All these apps guide users through exercises, offering videos that show how to perform moves and voice guidance to signal when it's time to change pace or position.
Here are the best choices, according to the research.

Best overall score: The Johnson & Johnson Official 7-Minute Workout

What it is: The Johnson & Johnson Official 7-Minute Workout app was designed by Chris Jordan, director of exercise physiology at the Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute. It's designed to meet the American College of Sports Medicine's fitness guidelines, and includes both aerobic and strength-training exercises done in the style of a quick, fitness-building interval program.
Best for:Beginners. This app ranks very highly on safety, making it a great choice for beginners. It provides an effective full-body workout that can help people meet fitness guidelines, but doesn't particularly excel in any one area. So anyone seeking a more specialized, less general program may want to look elsewhere.
Relevant scores: 16.3 out of 30 for aerobic training; 17.2 out of 30 for strength training.

Second-highest overall: Nike+ Training Club

What it is: The Nike+ Training Club app includes more than 100 workouts designed by Nike trainers, with video and audio guidance for workouts of different lengths. You can also log your other fitness activities on the app.
Best for:Full-body strength training. This app doesn't perform as well in the aerobic exercise portion (Nike has another app exclusively for running that is worth checking out). But it did well in the strength section. Reviewers said the individual workouts and the multiweek training programs were good.
Nike+ is great for tracking overall fitness and offers good strength-training options. This app is a promising choice if you want a varied selection of workouts using anything from simple body-weight exercises to gym equipment. And unlike most apps, there's no pressure to upgrade to a premium program.
Relevant scores: 10 out of 30 for aerobic training; 19.5 out of 30 for strength training; 3.1 out of 10 for flexibility.

The app with the third-best overall score was the only aerobic fitness app that scored highly: Weight Loss Running by Verv

What it is: This app was named Running for Weight Loss: Interval Training when it was reviewed for the study, but that's since changed. It's specifically focused on interval training, with runs that alternate between easier and harder levels of intensity. There's also a meal-planning component, which is important for weight loss.
Best for:Aerobic training and running. This app is targeted toward people who want to lose weight, but it'll also help you build endurance and speed as a runner. Interval training is one of the best ways to get in shape, so no matter what your aerobic fitness goals are, plans that incorporate this approach are worth considering.
The app also includes training programs for specific runs: one helps you prepare for a 5k within seven weeks, and another is a 16-week marathon training program (which assumes you already run a fair amount). Another program is designed for those just starting to run.
To get to the free version, you need to sign up for a free premium trial and cancel the auto-renew. Some users report that the pop-ups asking you to sign up for a paid membership are intrusive.
Relevant scores: 26.7 out of 30 for aerobic training; 3.5 out of 10 for flexibility.

The fourth-best overall app was one of the highest-rated strength-training apps: Fitness Buddy

What it is: The free version of the app, which was formerly called Fitness Buddy Free, offers a range of workouts that can be done at home or in a gym using weights, a kettlebell, or a resistance band.
Best for:Strength training. This is an app best used for strengthening work, though there are a couple of cardio and flexibility options. (Some flexibility exercises may have been added after the study reviewers did their work, so were not factored into the score.) You can also build custom workouts using a variety of exercises.
Relevant scores: 8.1 out of 30 for aerobic fitness, 22.9 out of 30 for strength training.

The best strength-training app: StrongLifts 5x5

What it is: StrongLifts 5x5 is a specific, straightforward weight-training program based on five types of lifts: the squat, bench press, deadlift, overhead press, and barbell row. The program involves three workouts a week, with participants gradually increasing the amount of weight they can lift.
Best for:Strength training, especially weight lifting. This is an excellent training program for people looking to get started with lifting, since it includes a series of exercises that serve as an excellent foundation for strength.
There is also a premium version that includes additional exercises and warm-ups, but the basic training program is free and effective.
Relevant scores: 24 out of 30 for strength training.

The third-highest rated strength-training app was also the top flexibility app: FitnessBuilder

What it is: Fitness Builder offers a variety of free multiweek training plans (there's also an optional paid subscription). Free plans include over 400 workouts that can be solely body-weight based, rely on gym equipment, or fall somewhere in between.
Best for:A strength- and flexibility-focused workout program. With a wide variety of plans, you can work through training programs focused on strength, movement, fat loss, and much more.
Relevant scores: 21.2 out of 30 for strength training; 7.1 out of 10 for flexibility.

The second-best flexibility app: Simply Yoga

What it is: The free version of this app, which used to be called Simply Yoga Free, offers yoga workout sessions of 20, 40, or 60 minutes.
Best for:Flexibility. The free version of the app offers a pretty straightforward set of three predefined routines, with each move demoed by a personal trainer.
There's not a lot of variety, but the routines include more than 30 poses for you to work through.
Relevant scores: 6.4 out of 10 for flexibility.

The third-best flexibility app: Daily Yoga

What it is: This app, which was called Daily Yoga-Lose Weight, Get Relief when the study was conducted, offers what's now a variety of yoga sessions.
Many of these are locked behind a paid membership, but certain beginner programs are included free as are a number of different yoga sessions.
Best for:Flexibility. Within the free options, there's a good amount of variety for someone who wants to casually engage with yoga on their own at home.
Relevant scores: 6.2 out of 10 for flexibility.

Find what works for you.

You don't need to download or try everything here, especially at the start of a fitness routine.
Remember that, in general, to meet basic fitness guidelines you should try to work out at least three days a week, with an average of at least 30 minutes every day. From there, choose something you are interested in and give it a shot.
If these apps don't meet your needs, there are plenty more out there. While the apps on this list correspond best to the ACSM guidelines for a fitness program, everyone needs something different. Cyclists or runners with a regular routine might prefer to use something like Strava or MapMyRide to simply track their workouts, for example.
Whatever you do, find a workout you enjoy enough to keep doing it regularly.

SEE ALSO: How much you have to exercise and what kind of workout to do to get different types of benefits

This week in fashion, Rihanna has released a Savage x Fenty Valentine’s Collection, the first Vegan Fashion Week is here, Asos and PVH Corp. join the Global Fashion Agenda as strategic partners and Ocean’s 8 costume designer Sarah Edwards is nominated in the 21st Costume Designers Guild Awards. Find these stories and more as we reveal the top fashion news of this week.

The First Vegan Fashion Week is Here

This season something very different is being introduced to the usual fashion calendar. Los Angeles is set to host the very first Vegan Fashion Week this February and it’s a perfect home for it. LA recently became the largest city in America to ban the use of fur. The four-day event hopes to end animal exploitation in the industry. It will do this by educating fashion lovers about the social, ethical and environmental issues surrounding the use of animals in the industry.

“I want to ignite conversations and debates within the industry by educating, elevating and drawing connections between our most important values: our respect for human life, animal rights, and the environment.” Emmanuelle Rienda, animal rights activist and Vegan Fashion Week founder said. She intends to take the event to other fashion-forward cities. Rienda hopes to make Vegan Fashion Week the standard fashion week in the future

Rihanna Has Released a Savage x Fenty Valentine’s Collection

Rihanna has returned with romantic lingerie for her Savage x Fenty Valentine’s collection, and it leaves nothing to the imagination with a naughty take on the holiday. The collection features everything from bold-hued whips and velvet panties, to sheer slips and lace bralettes. Launching recently on Savage x Fenty’s website, make sure to either spoil yourself or point your special someone in the right direction. It’ll make for a great Valentine’s Day gift that will have you feeling every bit as sexy as Rihanna intends.

Ocean’s 8 Costume Designer Sarah Edwards Amongst Those Nominated in The 21st Costume Designers Guild Awards

The costumes in Ocean’s 8 were works of art and deserve recognition. It’s good news that Ocean’s 8 costume designer Sarah Edwards is among the nominees for Excellence in Contemporary Film at the 21st Costume Designers Guild Awards. And it’s thanks to Edwards’s work on the Met Gala-turned-crime scene movie, which saw actors Sandra Bullock, Rihanna and Mindy Kaling, as well as Anne Hathaway and Awkwafina, amongst others, decked out in Givenchy, Zac Posen, Alberta Ferretti, Burberry, Valentino and Prada.

It wasn’t just the wardrobes that deserve a nod but the day-to-day wardrobe of the girl gang that also deserves props, specifically the ‘only in New York’ coats worn by the crew as well as Blanchett’s suits. “Most of these actresses are used to being the star of a movie, not having to share that spot with seven others, but they were really respectful of each other,” Edwards told Vogue UK of bringing the characters to life through their respective wardrobes. Other films to receive a nomination in the category include Mammia Mia! Here We Go AgainAquaman and A Star is Born. The 2019 Costume Designers Guild Awards will take place in Los Angeles on February 19.

Designer Saloni Lodha is Creating Thrown-On Elegance

For those who feel as though their life is a non-stop tour through destinations, events, commitments and seasons, Saloni Lodha is offering the fashion equivalent of the chance to put your feet up. For those who hope to open their wardrobe and see only pieces that are appropriate for wherever they’re going, designer Lodha of label Saloni is here to help. Her feminine dresses fall in that sweet spot between every day and elevated style. She achieves this look by blending embellishment, decorative prints and fabrics with flattering silhouettes.

The reason she gets the balance just right stems from good old fashioned first-hand experience. “I have been moving and living between different countries for the last 10 years and running my business in another country,” Lodha tells Vogue of her studio in London’s Clerkenwell and her base in Hong Kong, the latter with which she Skypes regularly, and then travels to six times a year. “I think it’s been beneficial for the design process because it has given me a different perspective on what different women around the world look for.”

Asos and PVH Corp Join Global Fashion Agenda as Strategic Partners

British e-tailer Asos and PVH Corp have been named as new strategic partners of Global Fashion Agenda. They are joining a circle of brands that also includes H&M Group, Bestseller, Nike, Target and Sustainable Apparel Coalition. They aim to mobilise the global fashion system and promote change in the way we produce and consume fashion.

“With the addition of Asos and PVH, our Strategic Partner group has truly come full circle. We’re excited to now have industry-leading representatives from all of the various segments of the fashion industry, including luxury, athletic, e-commerce, high street, mass, premium and sourcing markets,” commented Eva Kruse, president and CEO of Global Fashion Agenda. The non-profit organisation said the arrival of Asos and PVH will help it further promote a more sustainable future. “We’re very pleased to be joining Global Fashion Agenda’s Strategic Partner group and excited about the opportunity it presents,” Nick Beighton, chief executive of Asos said.

When it comes to watches, Michael Kors offers many stylish and affordable options. From the revolutionary Grayson Smartwatch to the iconic Lexington, we’ve rounded up the best watches from Michael Kors for you to add to your dream collection.

1. Michael Kors Grayson Smartwatch

The Michael Kors Grayson Smartwatch merges luxury with a sporty finish. A stainless steel band comes together with a 47mm silver case for a flawless finish. The timepiece features a high-definition display face and rotating crown for quick scrolling through apps, watch faces and more. It also includes smartphone notifications and touchscreen functionality as well as activity and goal tracking. Powered with Wear OS by Google, the timepiece has an estimated 24 hours of usage before needing a recharge. This expertly crafted smartwatch also incorporates Bluetooth and WiFi into its design.

2. Michael Kors Bradshaw Chronograph Watch

Details like a sporty, oversized chronograph dial give the Michael Kors Bradshaw Chronograph Watch a bold look. The thick bracelet features polished and brushed links for a runway-inspired touch. Along with being water resistant to 100m, the black stainless steel timepiece utilises a Quartz movement. Additional features include Roman numeral hour markers, chronograph functions, a protective 42mm stainless steel case with mineral dial window, analogue display and fold-over clasp with double push-button safety closure. 

3. Michael Kors Lexington Watch

As sophisticated as it is stylish, the Michael Kors Lexington Watch is the timepiece missing from your collection. The silver-tone watch features a textured coin-edge bezel and blue sunray dial with date window and three chronograph subdials. Utilising durable features such as a Quartz movement with analogue display and a 45mm stainless steel case with mineral dial window, you can enjoy peace of mind. With water resistance to 100m, this timepiece is suitable for swimming and snorkelling, but not scuba diving. Other notable features include a stainless steel band with deployant clasp as well as stunning silver-tone markers.

4. Michael Kors Dylan MK8152 Watch

Comfort and function meet fashion with the Michael Kors Dylan Watch. This stylish timepiece offers unmatched longevity, featuring a 45mm stainless steel case, durable mineral crystal to protect the watch from scratches and a 2-year warranty. Plus it is water resistant to 100m, suitable for snorkelling as well as swimming. The beautifully designed timepiece offers a lightweight and casual design, pairing a classic matte and shiny black case with a black silicone strap. Finally, it features a buckle clasp closure, stationary bezel function and precise analogue Quartz movement.

5. Michael Kors Bradshaw Watch

With a striking navy sunray dial and classic two-tone metal, the Michael Kors Bradshaw Watch is an impressive timepiece sure to turn heads. The watch features a date window, and three chronograph subdials, as well as a 43mm stainless steel case with mineral dial window. It boasts a Quartz movement with an analogue display for an easy-to-read design. A mixed-metal finish and Roman numeral markers lend elegance to this chronograph watch, and polished gold-tone links complete the sophisticated look. Finally, a fold-over clasp with double push-button safety and scratch resistant mineral crystal ensure a resistant design.

6. Michael Kors Dylan Watch

Designed for the elegant man on the move, the navy blue Michael Kors Dylan Watch is perfect for everyday casual use. The timepiece features a comfortable silicone band with a ribbed texture down the centre, an adjustable buckle closure, and a rose gold-tone stainless steel case that creates a rich, two-tone look. This chronograph watch is detailed with scratch resistant mineral crystal, a smooth round bezel and dark blue dial with a minute track. It also features three subdials, hour markers and a three-hand analogue display with luminous hour and second hands. As well as harnessing a Quartz movement, the timepiece is suitable for swimming and snorkelling with the ability to withstand water to 100m.

7. Michael Kors Chronograph Sports Watch

The Michael Kors Chronograph Sports Watch is the ultimate accessory for the adventurous outdoorsman. The stylish monochromatic timepiece in gunmetal-tone features a trio of subdials, date window and alternating Arabic/baton hour markers. A black band is paired with a black dial for a bold yet stylish finish. Harnessing a Quartz movement, this watch can withstand water up to 100m, making it suitable for swimming and snorkelling. The timepiece is built for endurance, with a 45mm ion-plated stainless steel case with mineral dial window and foldover clasp with double push-button safety.

8. Michael Kors Rose Gold Dylan Watch

With a stunning rose gold finish, the Michael Kors Dylan Watch adds a touch of contemporary style to any modern man’s wardrobe. The timepiece features a ribbed black silicone band with buckle closure and a large round case with a stainless steel case back. Aesthetic features include a sleek round dial with a black background, hour markers, a chronograph function and three subdials with a small Michael Kors logo and a convenient date display window. The dial features a three-hand analogue display with precise Quartz movement, as well as sturdy mineral crystal to protect the watch from scratches.

9. Michael Kors Runway Chronograph Watch

Looking for a watch that is as functional as it is fashionable? Look no further than the Michael Kors Runway Chronograph Watch. The timepiece boasts a Quartz movement with analogue display and is able to withstand water up to 100m. This dramatic timepiece features a beautiful, gold-toned stainless steel band that joins to a stainless steel case. A smooth, gold-toned bezel frames a gold-coloured dial, creating a stylish, monochromatic look. The watch also includes a fold-over clasp, double push-button safety, luminous hands and indices and three chronograph subdials.

10. Michael Kors Chronograph Watch MK8107

The Michael Kors Chronograph Watch MK8107 combines impeccable styling with a chic design. Its polished stainless steel glimmers with class and style, yet its black-anodised bezel and dial cloak the watch in stealthy intrigue. A rubberised link-style band completes the look. However, the dial is where this watch comes into its own: Black with polished numerals that alternate with luminous hour markers, the look is precise, clean and uncluttered. Within this functional design are three black, spiralled-textured subdials that provide dual time zone and stopwatch functionality. A date window is also a subtle part of the design. The timepiece features a durable mineral crystal, precise Quartz movement, and water resistance to 100m.

Want to spice up your wardrobe with the hottest colour trend? Why not try something exciting and new. The wardrobe equivalent of a caffeine hit in your morning coffee, mint green is painting itself as the desired hue of the season. Paired with pastels or cream, mint has a gentle retro effect. And for the full whack, why not give a head-to-toe mint ensemble a go. Consider these options with our expert guide on how to wear mint green colour with style.

Mint Green Colour

The colour of freshness, coolness and the sea breeze, the colour of vigour and courage. It’s all about mint. A softer shade of turquoise and green, mint green is the perfect choice for the up and coming season and we are obsessed with it! Minty fashion is everywhere, from accessories to clothing, makeup to nail polish, and even the walls in our home are painted in this colour. Flattering on almost all skin tones and so attractive in combination with peach, white, black, beige, navy and practically all shades of the rainbow, what’s not to love?

Colours that Match with Mint Green

Being such a unique shade, mint green can be matched with many other colours. Pair it with delicate pastels for a sugary sweet look. This incredible shade of tenderness and femininity is in perfect harmony with baby pink, lavender, beige and nude. Colour blocking is a good idea here, so choose one more pastel shade and play with these colours. Another light colour that looks great with mint and flatters almost all skin tones is white. You can’t go wrong when pairing your mint skirt, shorts or pants with a white blouse. So whenever you have no idea about what colours go with mint green, simply stick to the purest colour duo: mint and white. The options are endless, so trust your inner stylist and mix and match the pieces you already have in your wardrobe!

Mint Green Outfits

Mint Green Dresses

If you are looking for a dress in a colour other than black, mint green is a great option. Just make sure to keep your colouring in mind and pick the shade that flatters you the most. Wearing a mint green dress will ensure an uber-romantic and fresh appearance wherever you go. With this in mind, this colour dress is a stunning look for the first date. You can also choose this shade for your bridesmaids, especially if your wedding is going to be in feminine, romantic themes. To warm up your mint green dress, finish off your ensemble with rose gold metallic accessories.

Mint Green Pants

Cool and comfy pants will make any ensemble more eye-catching and incredible! So if you are tired of wearing the same old dresses and skirts, then pastel colour pants will be an excellent choice for spring days. For casual looks, you can try to wear mint green jeans, for more formal outfits, opt for trousers. Whatever you choose, pastel mint coloured bottoms are very trendy and can look fabulous in combination with a neutral solid top. Finish off your look with one mint accessory, like a minty watch, or go for metallic accessories.

Mint Skirt

A mint coloured skirt is sure to win a round of applause because of how refreshing and stylish the colour is. Mint coloured skirts can boost the overall look of your outfit. Paired with the right colour, they look ultra-modern and snazzy. The easiest way to pull off this shade is by matching it with either a white or black top. You can wear heels, boots or whatever footwear suits your ensemble provided the colour of it fits. To look fashionable, try to keep the look minimalistic. Remember, less is more and simple is stylish. To complete the look, you can throw on a denim or black leather jacket.

Mint Shorts

There are several types of shorts and all of them, when worn in a minty shade, are bound to captivate attention. The shade always looks gentle, feminine and so adorable – perfect for the warmer seasons! Mint green blends great with almost all colours from neutral and pastel to bright ones. In particular, mint green shorts look fantastic with white pieces of clothing. Combine a white loose off the shoulder blouse with mini mint shorts, a straw wide brim hat and metallic flats. Wear white lace, scalloped or ruffled shirts to look more girlish and romantic. For those who love complicated looks but are afraid of too eye-catching combinations, mix mint green with other pastel colours such as light blue, yellow or pale pink.

Mint Shirt

Want to add a light, romantic touch to your outfits? Why not try a mint green shirt! Feminine and versatile, this piece makes for a great option for a variety of occasions. A mint green shirt paired with denim shorts makes for a very youthful, casual and attractive look. For the shoes, try a pair of low top sneakers or flats to look sharp and cute. For a more formal option, pair your shirt with black skinny jeans and a pair of open toe strappy heels. This style makes for an instantly lean and sharp look. To finish, add a clutch bag into the mix to look mature and feminine.

Mint Jacket or Coat

Why not invest in a statement piece that keeps you cozy? A mint green jacket or coat will make for a breath of fresh air in a sea of wintery black and grey! This stand-out coat will be a pretty and feminine addition to your outfits all year round. For a head-turning winter outfit, we recommend pairing a mint green coat with white jeans and pastel colour boots. On the other hand, layering a three-quarter length coat over a shorter skirt or a dress will create a long-over-short silhouette outfit for spring that feels modern.

Mint Colour Shoes

If you normally don’t wear much colour, try to sneak some in with your shoes. Wearing mint green on your feet is a great way to add a pop of colour to any ensemble, plus, it’ll work for almost any occasion! You can rock it on an evening out on the town, or to brunch with the girls. To make it work, just make sure not to overdo it. Mint in a delicate light shade will be perfect. This shade is really energising and unique. You can easily pull off great looks with mint green and appear fashion-forward. However, in order to rock the trend, be sure to keep the good in small portions.

Mint Green Jewellery

All those fashionistas who love this fabulous colour, yet lack self-confidence to wear it, can go for mint green accessories. It doesn’t have to be huge bauble jewellery, you can go with something subtle. Think mint green studs, mint green beaded necklaces and mint green opal rings. They are perfect for adding a pop of colour to your look. These accessories look especially gorgeous when matched with a white dress and a glowing tan. Mint green sunglasses, a mint green watch, mint nails, a mint hat, a mint green scarf or a belt are other mint accessories worth trying. Mint beauty is in fashion and it looks astonishing. Besides, this is a great way to nail down the mint green trend and show off your fashion sense.

How to Wear Mint Green

  • Mint green is incredible in itself, or it can be matched with other pastel shades like powdery pink, beige, or dark turquoise.
  • As a summer colour, mint is great, but too much of it can be a bit of an overload. Try to keep things minimal.
  • It looks fantastic in combination with other eye-catching shades, like orange, yellow or green.
  • Add a touch of mint to your black, white or pastel outfits, with a few statement accessories in this shade.